دوشنبه 28 دی 1394

نمونه سوال زبان سال دوم - نوبت اول

   نوشته شده توسط: ali rahimian    

A: Fill in the blanks with proper letters. (3 points)
But not very long ag_ , things ch_ng_d. They knew it had no a_r or water or pl_nt life. It had tall m__ntains

 and fl_ t places called seas. The r__ks fell on the moon from sp_ ce. Some h_ les had walls as tall as tall

 b_ild_ngs. The c_mer_s in the sp_cesh_ps took more pictures.

B: Fill in the blanks with proper words. (4 points)
(a) keep on  -  (b) reward  -  (c) slice  -  (d) lent  -  (e) upset  -  (f) navy  -  (g) wave  -  (h) knowledge  -  (i) rather

1. I was ……….. surprised to see him with his old enemy!
2. A line of raised water that moves across the sea is ……….. .
3. She was really ……….. about the way her father acted.
4. A thin piece of food cut from a larger one is a(n) ……….. .
5. You just have to ……….. trying. It is success.
6. You need full ……….. of this job if you are interested in taking it.
7. My father joined the ……….. during the war.
8. I ……….. my CD player to Dave and I haven’t got it back yet!

C: Complete the following sentences with your own words. (2 points)
1. The mechanic had to ……….. the car ……….. to fix it.
2. If you like birds you shouldn’t keep them in ……….. .
3. They did the puzzle ……….. any mistakes.
4. A ……….. is a place where people study animals to find out how they learn.

D: Answer the questions. (2points)

1. Whose hat is this? (Ali's)

2. What is she doing? ( washing hands)

E: Find a mistake in each sentence and write the correct sentence. (2points)
1. I was talking to a friend of you the other day.
2. Did they leave the party before you got there?

F: Write a meaningful sentence with each group of words. (2points)

1. didn’t / practiced / Bill / well / a long time / play / for / he / hadn’t / because / tennis / it .

2. can / nowhere / have / because / I  / no / go / money / I .

G: Choose the best answer. (3 points)
1. I found ……….. book on the desk, but I don’t know where ……….. is. 
a) hers - my        b) her - mine            c) hers - mine           d) her - my

2. Please let me ……….. at your copy of the book.
a) to look            b) looking                 c) look                      d) looks

3. I can’t come to see you soon because I have ……….. free time. 
a) any                 b) some                     c) none                     d) no

H: Complete the sentences. (3 points)
A: Would you mind ….1…. you cellphone in class? (not - use)                 B: Oh, ….2…. .
A: ….3…. a lot.

I: Choose the word with different pronunciation. (2 points)
1. a. shout b. now c. how d. blow
2. a. whose b. usual c. group d. blue

J: Choose the best choice. (3points)
1. Some men and women study animals to find out how they learn.
The underlined word “they” refers to ………..
a) animals           b) men                      c) women                 d) both men and women
2. Did you know that the same side of the moon faces the earth all the time?
From the above sentence we get that ……….. .
a) the face of the moon is much brighter than the earth b) people on the earth only see one side of the moon
c) the earth goes around the moon all the time d) we know a lot about both sides of the moon
3. Now you know what people who lived before 1959 didn’t know.
This sentence means ……….. .
a) now you know a lot about people before 1959
b) people who lived before 1959 didn’t know anything
c) our knowledge is now more than the people before 1959 d) we know a little about people before 1959
K: Read the text and give complete answers. (4 points)
My wife and I had decided to buy a new house, and I had made an appointment to see our bank manager. I had never met him before and I was a bit nervous. I drove into town and I was lucky enough to find a parking place outside the bank. I had just started going into the parking place when another car drove into. I was angry! I opened the window and shouted at the other driver but he didn’t pay attention to me and walked away. It took me twenty minutes to find another place. When I parked the car, I went into the bank. I was ten minutes late for my meeting. I went to the manager’s office. The manager was sitting behind his desk. He was the man who had taken my parking place.

1. Why did the writer go to the bank?
2. How long did he look for a place to park his car?
3. He had seen the manager in the parking lot. (T/F)
4. The bank manager was sorry for what he had done. (T/F)